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Australian Election 2010b/2011/2012/2013


I'm very much expecting an early 2012 poll.

I admit being unsure of the complexity of the Senate rules, but I have a feeling they'll wait until a normal or double dissolution will maximize the chances of a clean slate in the Senate.

What it means is that the election campaign starts now.

THERE ARE NO WORDS... [incoherent twitching and grunting]

Tony Abbot will either adapt or be rolled, I'm leaning towards rolled. Madam Gillard will probably remain as Labor leader, largely due to the almost complete lack of leadership talent that isn't Wayne Swann. Who to be brutally honest couldn't win a popularity based election if he was the only candidate and the only voter.

My Daughter phoned

She's having a rough time.


Gen Con Oz and Homebake both cancelled


I'm getting ever stronger feelings that the economy in Australia is no better than the US or UK at the personal hands in the pocket level.

Economists say we are doing fine, but friends are finding it impossible to rent houses and flats unless they are couples with 2.4 kids. Public events are being cancelled all over, people are complaining about government money going to support educational and historic groups.

M. rAbbot is refusing to let treasury cost his policies and promises for the edification of the cross benches.

Capt Bligh insists she must sell all Queensland's assets, but can't show any good reason.

Maybe I need to buy a wheelbarrow to carry enough cash to buy a loaf of bread next year.

...there is no queue to join


Why didn't you apply for citizenship or even a temporary protection visa in Aghanistan?

Unfortunately things are not as easy as some people think that they are. There is no processing centre in Afghanistan so there is no queue. Also, there is no processing centre in Pakistan, or Iran, or Iraq. In all these troubled part of the world there is no queue to join.

At least I'm too low/North to get snow.


"There is the chance of some sleet at least on the southern Darling Downs - Applethorpe, Inglewood and Warwick - tonight. We could even have some snow."


It is 9:00am, and the apparent temperature has only just crept above zero (That's real 0, C not silly Faffenhack numbers).


I'd just like to say...

Actually I have nothing to say better than the BOM...

Forecasts for Southeast Queensland
Issued at 4:20pm EST on Saturday the 7th of August 2010
for Saturday night and Sunday

Rest of today: Dry, light winds.
Sunday: Dry, chilly morning with early frost. Light winds.
MIN 0 MAX 18
UV Alert - 9:50 am to 2:10 pm, UV Index predicted to reach 5 [Moderate]
Outlook for Monday ... Fine

That is 0 Celsius. Probably 6 degrees lower at the caravan park, as usual.

-6C is still shirt-sleeve for working but not comfortable for sleeping in a caravan.


Queensland Party

The party's first and only policy announcement pushes to re-establish an upper house, to be made up of the state's mayors.

Ban the burqa: Muslim leader


Dr Ali, describes the burqa and similar robe the niqab as "the lingering relics of a patriarchal, misogynistic and tribal culture" and argues there is no religious obligation in the Koran for it to be worn.

I hate Queensland State School RI


I hated the RI situation in State Schools in QLd when I was a kid. Some teachers lumped us with 15 minutes of Bible Readings a day (from the approved readings in the Act). 30 minutes a week of being split into sectarian RI classes, or locked away if one was Atheist/Other/or just withdrawn by parents. My first 3 years of school that period was spent locked in a storeroom, with the other outcasts. My daughter, attending Primary School 31 years later was also Other and was picked on because of it by students whose RI Instructors had pointed her out as hell bound.



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