On civilization

The number of naked people on the streets is in direct proportion to a civilization's spiritual maturity.

-- Alexander Watson Law


"I've given up hope on Democracy and decided to devote myself to developing jackboot soles that are more comfortable on the neck..." -- Alexander Watson Law

A book recommendation

An anthology of his short stories by a dear friend of mine. He has a talent with words of a kind that seldom originates in the wilds of Brisvegas. I'd like to say he writes like this author or that, but it is premature to say he is The Australian anyone. He is new and he is talented (and he has a most peculiar mind).

Currently 99c on Smashwords worth every cent.

Also on Amazon.

Hizbut Tahrir wants to unite all Muslim countries

Amusing article about a sex guide for Moslem women, however the last couple of paragraphs have something disturbing slipped in.

The book is circulating in Malaysia at a time when radical Islam is expanding across Asia through a movement called Hizbut Tahrir, which is attracting many middle-class Muslims, including businessmen, lawyers and mothers.
Hizbut Tahrir wants to unite all Muslim countries in a globe-spanning bloc ruled by strict sharia law. It is operating openly in Australia

And on some days it just pains.

I have spinal injuries.

Most of the time they slow me down, cost me 30 IQ points and make me grumpy. Enough pain that I can't work an 8 hour day.

Occasionally, the pain level goes up. Changing position on the bed makes me whimper. Leaning over to pick something off the table when standing makes me gasp. Getting up off a chair makes me scream.

Days like today.

Funny Lawyers, an Australian phenomenon

Sunrise mentioned Anh Doh is a lawyer...

Steve Vizard was a comedian (not very funny from my viewpoint, mostly seemed to recycle Letterman gags for his show).

Shaun Micallef is a loonie, and sometimes funny-peculiar in a funny-ha-ha way...

Santo Cilauro was a law student when he started out

Tom Gliesner was a fellow law student of Santo Cilauro

Libbi "Elle McFeast" Gorr was an arts/law student

Barry Humphries studied law, philosophy and fine arts

And that's down through H, at